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Vol 53 No 4 (2020)
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Structural rehabilitation using high damping rubber bearing (HDRB)

Ali Vatanshenas, Takahiro Mori, Nobuo Murota

Designing and detailing transverse reinforcement to control bar buckling in rectangular RC walls

Mayank Tripathi, Rajesh P. Dhakal

Seismic collapse safety of reinforced concrete moment resisting frames with/without beam-column joint detailing

Naveed Ahmad, Muhammad Rizwan, Muhammad Ashraf, Akhtar Naeem Khan, Qaisar Ali

BRB system stability considering frame out-of-plane loading and deformation zone

Gregory A. MacRae, Chin-Long Lee, Saul Y. Vazquez-Colunga, Jian Cui, Saeid Alizadeh, Liang-Jiu Jia

Basin effects and limitations of 1d site response analysis from 2d numerical models of the Thorndon basin

Christopher R. McGann, Brendon A. Bradley, Liam M. Wotherspoon, Robin L. Lee

To cordon or not to cordon

The inherent complexities of post-earthquake cordoning learned from Christchurch and Wellington experiences

Shakti R. Shrestha, Caroline H.R. Orchiston, Kenneth J. Elwood, David M. Johnston, Julia S. Becker

Theoretical and experimental evaluation of timber-framed partitions under lateral drift

Jitendra Bhatta, Joshua Mulligan, Rajesh P. Dhakal, Timothy J. Sullivan, Hans Gerlich, Frank Kang

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