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Vol. 55 No. 4 (2022)
Published: 02-12-2022


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Performance of rocking frames with friction tension-only devices

Kiran Rangwani, Gregory MacRae, Geoffrey Rodgers

Seismic activity analysis of five major earthquake source segments in the Sumatra megathrust zone: Each segment and two adjacent segments points of view

Jose Rizal, Agus Y. Gunawan, Sapto W. Indratno, Irwan Meilano

Seismic effects of bracing irregularity of light timber-framed buildings

Angela Liu, Minghao Li

Challenges in post-earthquake recovery of damaged and neglected buildings in Christchurch CBD

Olga Filippova, Ken Elwood, Toni Collins

Review of recently constructed concrete wall-steel frame hybrid buildings

Marie C. Pascua, Rick Henry, Charlotte Toma

Investigating the impact of design criteria on the expected seismic losses of multi-storey office buildings

Luis John, Michael B. Williamson, Timothy J. Sullivan

Considerations on seismic hazard disaggregation in terms of occurrence or exceedance in New Zealand

Matthew J. Fox

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