About the Journal

About the Bulletin

The Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering (NZSEE) is a quarterly journal that publishes articles in all fields of earthquake engineering, including but not limited to structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, engineering seismology, social science, and reconnaissance reports from major earthquakes around the world. In addition to research articles, technical notes, and opinion papers that provide new knowledge and insights, the Bulletin also publishes practice papers describing projects where existing earthquake engineering knowledge was applied to solve challenging practical problems.

The Bulletin was established in 1968. It accepts articles written in English from researchers and practitioners not just from New Zealand, but from all around the world. Its papers are indexed in academic databases including Crossref, Web of Science, and Scopus. It is an open-access publication wherein authors retain the copyright for all published articles.

About the logo

The stylised representation of Rūaumoko, the Māori god of earthquakes, volcanoes, and geothermal activity, has been adopted as the logo of NZSEE and the Bulletin. According to Māori legend, Rūaumoko was the youngest of seventy sons born to Papatūānuku (the Earth mother) and Ranginui (the Sky father). After Ranginui was separated from Papatūānuku by their sons, his tears of sorrow began to flood the land. To stop the flooding, their sons forcefully turned Papatūānuku face down, to prevent the two from witnessing each other's sorrow. Rūaumoko, who was at his mother's breast at the time, was carried into the underworld, with fire gifted to him by his brothers to keep him and his mother warm. He now avenges the ill treatment of his parents by causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions using the fire gifted to him, to punish his brothers and their human descendants.

Exclusion clause

The Bulletin is financially supported by the Earthquake Commission (EQC). The opinions expressed in the Bulletin are those of the individual contributors, and are not necessarily endorsed by the Society, its members, or EQC. Neither the Society, any of its members, or EQC accept any liability, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, in relation to any of the articles, reports, or other materials contained in the Bulletin or any reliance that may be placed on their contents. No one should make use of or rely on any material contained in the Bulletin without seeking expert advice appropriate to his or her circumstances. Persons who do make use of or rely on any opinion, information, or advice contained in the Bulletin do so at their own risk.