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Reconnaissance teams

  • Editor NZSEE, Wellington, New Zealand


In 1974 the Management Committee of the Society authorised the setting up of an earthquake reconnaissance team scheme, whereby a team of suitably experienced observers would be quickly transported to the scene of a damaging earthquake. A sub-committee under Mr. J, P. Rollings was formed and a detailed brief for the scheme was prepared and subsequently adopted by the Management Committee.

Following advertisements in the Bulletin and the New Zealand Engineering, a pool of over 35 suitable observers has been formed. Most of the pool are practising civil and structural engineers though a number of specialists, including three architects, have been included.

The scheme is now fully operational. At present the team
 organiser is Mr. J. P. Hcllings (Wellington) and his deputy is
Mr. N. D. Bardie (Christchurch). Mr. Rollings is also authorised, 
together with the President, to approve a reconnaissance. It is
intended that all pool members will be issued an Engineering Reconnaissance Manual containing information on the administration and aims of the scheme, the action to be taken following a damaging earthquake and a detailed engineering reconnaissance field guide. The following brief is reproduced from the manual; Section One outlines the aims and administration of the scheme and Section Two, procedures to initiate a reconnaissance. These sections together with a budget sufficient to allow reconnaissance of a large earthquake, have been approved by the Management Committee.

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