Earthquake engineering research at the University of Auckland

  • G. R. Martin University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand


Earthquake Engineering Research at the University of Auckland Engineering School was initiated by Professor N. A. Mowbray in 1960. Since this date a number of research projects have been completed, the results of which have been published in M.E. or Ph.D theses, or summarised in published papers. Many of the more recent theses are available from the school in report form.

This report gives a brief outline of completed and current
 research projects, the projects being grouped under headings representing particular fields of interest. More detailed information on any
of the projects listed, may be obtained by writing to the associated
or supervising members of staff. In addition, the report is supplemented by a brief review of lectures or coursework related to earthquake engineering, which are at present introduced into undergraduate or postgraduate course.

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Martin, G. R. (1969). Earthquake engineering research at the University of Auckland. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 2(4), 474-481.