Comments on some earthquake damaged buildings in New Zealand

  • F. E. Kerswill Mitchell & Mitchell and Partners, Wellington, New Zealand


These comments are derived from experience in inspecting buildings damaged by earthquakes in New Zealand spread over a period of some sixteen years. This work has mostly been done in association with assessors and other professional colleagues. Their views and guidance have been a valuable help in keeping attention mainly directed at the task of finding out what damage has been caused by the particular incident, and thus arriving at a fair evaluation of the claim on an indemnity basis. This has left little time for pursuing studies which might have been more interesting from the technological aspect, and such comment as is offered below must be accepted as a by-product of a professional activity.

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Kerswill, F. E. (1969). Comments on some earthquake damaged buildings in New Zealand. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 2(4), 483-489.