Codes for seismic design of prestressed concrete

  • K. E. Williamson Lewis and Williamson, Auckland, New Zealand


The seismic resistance of prestressed concrete is receiving attention frcm code writers as a result of the research being done on this subject both overseas and in New Zealand.

Of particular interest are the activities of the Seismic Commission of the Federation International de Precontrainte (F.I.P.) which reviews information collected from the various parts of the world. The Commission's document "General Principles of Earthquake Resistant Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures” was presented at the Vth Congress of the F.I.P. (Paris, 1966). It is at present being revised for presentation at the VIth F.I.P, Congress, Prague 1970. Drafts of this report are currently being circulated to F.I.P. Seismic Commission members for comment.

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Williamson, K. E. (1969). Codes for seismic design of prestressed concrete. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 2(3), 277.