May 24, 1968 at Inangahua Junction

  • T. Hogue Ministry of Works, Inangahua Camp, New Zealand


The twin communities of Inangahua Camp and Inangahua Junction were rudely awakened at approximately 5.25 a severe earthquake. About a minute before the quake all the birdlife suddenly stopped their noisy callingand an uncanny stillness settled over the area. The first movement of the earthquake was an upward displacement although a few argue that the initial displacement was to the north east. No longer than two seconds later the high frequency vibrating and confusion of noise enveloped the town, then came the jolting of no discriminate pattern as shock-waves started to rebound through the region. During the peak of the earthquake most people who. were by now fully awakened thought that "this was the end", any dissenters from this view acknowledged that it was "at least a beaut”.

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Hogue, T. (1969). May 24, 1968 at Inangahua Junction. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 2(1), 37-38.