Building damage in Westport

  • A. L. Andrews


The earthquake of 24 May 1968, was the second of damaging intensity to be experienced in Westport recently. The earlier (1962) quake was of smaller magnitude; but centred, as it was, at Westport it was probably felt with comparable intensity there. Restoration of widespread damage it caused undoubtedly reduced the extent of damage from the 1968 earthquake. Nevertheless the survey after the Inangahua earthquake showed clearly that some of the "remedial work” that followed the 1962 earthquake was simply patching up of surfaces, with no structural significance. Not surprisingly the 1962 wounds so "treated" appeared again in 1968.

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Andrews, A. L. (1969). Building damage in Westport. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 2(1), 126-127.