Performance of unreinforced and retrofitted masonry buildings during the 2010 Darfield earthquake


A brief history of Christchurch city is presented, including information on the introduction of unreinforced masonry as a popular building material and an estimate of the number of unreinforced masonry buildings in the Canterbury region currently. A general overview of the failure patterns that were observed in unreinforced clay brick and stone masonry buildings in the Christchurch area after the 2010 Darfield earthquake is provided. Case studies of the damage sustained to five unreinforced masonry (URM) buildings that were unretrofitted at the time of the earthquake, including photographic details, is documented. The performance of eight retrofitted URM buildings is then commented on, detailing the building characteristics and retrofit techniques. The case studies include the use of moment resisting frames, steel strong backs and strapping, diaphragm anchoring, surface bonded fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) sheets and cavity ties.


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