Post-earthquake building safety 
evaluation procedures

Preparedness checklist and
 response plan
 for territorial authorities

  • Editor NZSEE, Wellington, New Zealand


The primary aim of this document is to provide Territorial Authorities with an outline response plan so that safety evaluations of damaged buildings can be activated efficiently and effectively following a major earthquake (or any other disaster which affects buildings). Services such as drainage, water supply and roading are not included within the scope of this document.

Territorial Authorities have the responsibility for providing the planning framework, within which a range of professional groups can operate. These include structural and civil engineers, building inspectors, and loss adjusters.

It is intended that these Building Safety Evaluation Procedures will be adopted by all New Zealand Territorial Authorities to avoid the need for each to formulate their own.

National acceptance of these procedures will also mean that only one set of forms, placards, information management systems, training resources etc. need be prepared. A common standard also makes the use of external inspection resources more practicable.

This document confines its scope to Territorial Authority planning for building damage assessment during the emergency phase of a disaster. Further plans for activities arising in the restoration phase are also required. They include:

  • definition of structural standards for the repair of damaged buildings
  • streamlined procedures for building consents
  • streamlined procedures for resource consents, including debris disposal and land use
  • transfer of information to insurance firms


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Editor. (1998). Post-earthquake building safety 
evaluation procedures . Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 31(2), 103-121.

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