Post-earthquake co-ordination of technical resources

The need for a unified approach

  • D. R. Brunsdon Brunsdon Cathie Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand
  • A. W. Charleson Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, NZ
  • A. B. King BRANZ, Porirua, New Zealand
  • D. A. Middleton Earthquake Commission, Wellington, New Zealand
  • R. D. Sharpe Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand
  • R. B. Shephard Works Consultancy Services, Wellington, New Zealand
  • E. G. C. Smith Institute of Geophysics, Wellington, New Zealand


During 1996, the Management Committee of the Society considered where emphasis should be placed in the future in terms of its study group activities. This strategic review highlighted the important role that the Society and its members will be asked to play following a major earthquake in New Zealand. However the effective response of Society members, many of whom have gained valuable "real" post-earthquake experience from the Society's reconnaissance visits, would be severely limited by the current absence of an effective co-ordination framework.

The Post-earthquake Response of Structural Engineers Study Group has made a significant contribution in this area, culminating in its recent draft building safety evaluation procedures for territorial authorities. However a wide range of additional procedures and frameworks have also been identified as being required, many of which are outside the customary scope of study group activities.

This paper outlines the formation of a Working Party on Integrated Planning for Earthquake Preparedness by the Society, and backgrounds the critical issues associated with the post-earthquake co-ordination of scarce technical resources. Proposals for participation by the Society in a concerted approach to addressing these problems are presented. The body of this paper has been circulated to a wide range of involved agencies, including all territorial authorities in New Zealand and central government representatives.


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Brunsdon, D. R., Charleson, A. W., King, A. B., Middleton, D. A., Sharpe, R. D., Shephard, R. B., & Smith, E. G. C. (1996). Post-earthquake co-ordination of technical resources. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 29(4), 280-283.