The fundamentals of an earthquake standard

  • A. B. King BRANZ, Porirua, New Zealand


This paper proposes a rational framework for an earthquake design standard which could be adopted and applied internationally. Initially the standard is expected to be used within New Zealand and Australia as one component within a suite of joint structural standards which would enable design and construction practices to be applied either side of the Tasman. The framework could be easily adopted by other countries because it addresses both inter- and intra- plate earthquakes. Allowance is made for national variations to address varying levels of seismicity and different national performance expectations. The author outlines his views on the objectives and expected contents of the essential elements of an earthquake loading standard which are currently being examined in detail by a Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand working party.


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King, A. B. (1996). The fundamentals of an earthquake standard. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 29(3), 199-207.

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