Seismic isolation of a printing press in Wellington, New Zealand

  • D. J. Dowrick DSIR Physical Sciences, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
  • J. Babor DSIR Physical Sciences, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
  • W. J. Cousins DSIR Physical Sciences, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
  • R. I. Skinner DSIR Physical Sciences, Lower Hutt, New Zealand


This paper describes the seismic hazard near the Wellington Fault in Petone, and the measures taken to protect a new printing press made of brittle cast iron against earthquake attack. The printing press, owned by Wellington Newspapers, was located just 20 m from the Wellington Fault. Mounting the specially designed building housing the press on a seismic isolation system, lead-rubber bearings, reduced the estimated loads and deflections on the press by a factor of 8-10 compared with the non-isolated case. As a result the press should suffer only modest damage in earthquake shaking somewhat stronger than that required by the New Zealand earthquake code for the design of buildings.


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Dowrick, D. J., Babor, J., Cousins, W. J., & Skinner, R. I. (1992). Seismic isolation of a printing press in Wellington, New Zealand. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 25(3), 161-166.