The Philippines earthquake of July 16, 1990

Report on field visit by the NZNSEE reconnaissance team

  • D. C. Hopkins KRTA Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand
  • W. D. Clark Morrison Cooper Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand
  • T Matuschka Engineering Geology, Auckland, New Zealand
  • J. C. Sinclair Sinclair Group Architects, Auckland, New Zealand


On July 16 1990, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 caused widespread damage, disruption and loss of life in Central Luzon, north of Manila.

This report presents the observations of a four person reconnaissance team (three engineers and an architect) sent to the Philippines two weeks after the earthquake, by the New Zealand National Society for Earthquake Engineering.

A summary and conclusions are presented first, with more detailed information following.


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Hopkins, D. C., Clark, W. D., Matuschka, T., & Sinclair, J. C. (1991). The Philippines earthquake of July 16, 1990. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 24(1), 3-95.