Workshop on the deformation of the Wellington region

  • E. G. C. Smith
  • H. Anderson


The workshop was held in Wellington on September 19 and 20, 1988. It was preceded by a field trip on September 18 to look at the evidence of recent movements on the Wairarapa Fault, and followed by a similar trip to sites on the Wellington Fault on September 25. It was attended by 33 scientists and engineers interested in earthquakes, earth deformation and seismic hazard from Geophysics Division, NZ Geological Survey, Division of Land and Soil Science, Division of Water Sciences, and Physics and Engineering Laboratory of DSIR, Works and Development Corporation, and the Research School of Earth Sciences of Victoria University of Wellington. The purpose of the workshop was to determine the extent of existing data on the subject and then identify what new, feasible projects could fill gaps in the knowledge with an ultimate objective, among others, of enabling a refined estimate of seismic hazard in the region to be made. Those making presentations at the workshop were asked to provide in advance an abstract of their material that was as quantitative as possible, both to stimulate discussion and act as a permanent record of the workshop. It was judged that many of those attending would have been unable to provide full papers, and these were not sought. A good deal of the material has in fact been previously published, but it was felt that the consolidated Abstracts represented a very useful document for those interested in or working on the Wellington Region.

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Smith, E. G. C., & Anderson, H. (1989). Workshop on the deformation of the Wellington region. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 22(1), 2-38.