Strong motion record from Turangi, 5 March, 1984

  • S. B. Hodder DSIR Physics and Engineering Laboratory, Lower Hutt, New Zealand


An accelerogram recorded at the Turangi telephone exchange during the earthquake centred just southwest of Lake Taupo on
5 March 1984, at 1407 NZST has been digitised and processed by computer to produce corrected records of ground vibration.

The earthquake that generated the accelerogram had a Richter local magnitude of 5.6, and a hypocentral location 12 kilometres (±4 kilometres) NNW of Turangi at a depth of 12 kilometres (see Figure 1). Minor damage was reported in the township of Turangi, with the intensity level being estimated at MM VI. Significant damage was reported for sensitive equipment at the Tokaanu power station some 3.5 kilometres closer to the epicentre (Figures 6 and 7); a report of this damage will be published elsewhere by Electricity Division. It is hoped that an examination of the Turangi accelerogram may lead to some insights into the seismic excitation characteristics at Tokaanu.


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