Evaluation of dynamic ground characteristics and seismic microzoning

  • Yoshikazu Kitagawa Ministry of Construction, Tokyo, Japan
  • Yutaka Matsushima University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan


The maximum earthquake motions on the ground, the dynamic characteristics of soil-layers in the range of short period reflecting the shallow soil-layers on a small area are investigated, taking Sendai district damaged by the Off-Miyagi Prefecture Earthquake of June, 1978 as an example. The modeling of ground characteristics is performed based on the results of the analytical investigation of the elastic and inelastic system as well as microtremor measurements, boring data and penetration tests.

In order to establish an appropriate seismic microzoning method with particular attention to the mathematical modeling, the predominant periods, magnification factors, maximum accelerations and velocities
on the ground surface and the ductility factors of super-structure are computed. The correlation between such seismic microzoning maps
and the extent of real damage to buildings is satisfactory.


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