Earthquake risk buildings

Lessons from experience

  • D. C. Hopkins Kingston Reynolds Thorn and Allardice Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand
  • T. W. Robertson Kingston Reynolds Thorn and Allardice Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand


The seismic provisions of the New Zealand Loadings Code are regarded as providing an acceptably low risk to life and property. However, the majority of existing buildings do not meet these requirements, some to a disturbing degree.
 The paper describes a selection of buildings both pre- and post- 1935 which were assessed by the authors' firm for earthquake risk. On the basis of this experience recommendations are made for the expansion and rationalisation of the present guidelines for assessment and structural upgrading of existing buildings.


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Hopkins, D. C., & Robertson, T. W. (1981). Earthquake risk buildings. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 14(2), 54-62.