Early access to accepted papers

Shear wave velocities of prominent geologic formations in the Nelson-Tasman region

Rebecca Ryder, Liam M. Wotherspoon, Andrew C. Stolte

Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis of peak ground acceleration for major regional New Zealand locations

Brendon A. Bradley, Misko Cubrinovski, Frederick Wentz

Re-evaluation of New Zealand seismic hazard for geotechnical assessment and design

Misko Cubrinovski, Brendon A. Bradley, Frederick Wentz, Ananth Balachandra

The oscillation resistance ratio (ORR) for understanding inelastic response

Hossein Soleimankhani, Gregory MacRae, Timothy Sullivan

Seismic zonation and default suites of ground-motion records for time-history analysis in the South Island of New Zealand

Christianos A.G. Burlotos, Kevin Q. Walsh, Tatiana Goded, Graeme H. McVerry, Nicholas J. Brooke, Jason M. Ingham

Recycling of damaged RC frames: Replacing crumbled concrete and installing steel haunches below/above the beam at connections

Naveed Ahmad, Arifullah, Babar Ilyas, Sida Hussain

Theoretical and experimental evaluation of timber-framed partitions under lateral drift

Jitendra Bhatta, Joshua Mulligan, Rajesh P. Dhakal, Timothy J. Sullivan, Hans Gerlich, Frank Kang

Seismic design of acceleration-sensitive non-structural elements in New Zealand: State-of-practice and recommended changes

Muhammad Rashid, Rajesh P. Dhakal, Timothy J. Sullivan

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